Panama City

Consider a blend of bits of Miami, New Orleans and New York — sexy, saucy and urbane. For us, that’s Panama City. Seems that many travelers understandably looking only for sun, sand or mountain adventure skip the cities. We never do. Instead we go shopping and look for great restaurants! After New York and Chicago, Panama City has the greatest number of skyscrapers in the Western Hemisphere per capita. Stunning skyline and a cultural crossroads vibe.

TIPS: Stay at the Global Hotel, a 3+ star centrally-located hotel in the Obarrio (business) district. Walk the loop at Parque Omar. do a half-day (that’s enough) Canal cruise, shop at Multiplaza or Albrook Mall. Uber everywhere. You’ll be ready to get your beach on (Coronado, Blanca, Las Lajas) soon enough!