Tea Adventures in India: Assam Tea Factory Tour


Cooking in India: Curried Vegetables

Until now, we've never cooked our own food in India. But in our kitchen at the Sushma Villa in Darjeeling, West Bengal we stir-fry vegetables using Dalle paste, a small Nepali cherry-shaped pepper considered among the hottest chili pepper ever. We ate every last bite!

We Made it to Darjeeling — Just Barely!

Our early morning flight from India's Bangalore Airport was a comedy of errors. We are seasoned travelers in India. We should have known better!


The Best of Costa Rica — Sikewa Coffee

Our search for the best Costa Rican coffee spanned two separate visits and four months traveling around and sipping gallons of various roasts and blends. There are now over 1,000 craft coffee roasters in Costa Rica. Sikewa Coffee was so good we bought an extra piece of luggage to haul back to Portland 40 pounds of three different roasts — all of the them distinct and excellent!


Studio Hotel — COSTA RICA

This is our second visit to this stunning destination hotel property in the suburban town of Santa Ana — just outside Costa Rica's capital city of San Jose. Visiting this property (November 2018) begins our three-month, more in-depth exploration of this lovely country in Central America.

In addition to hotel conveniences and amenities, you will be captivated by Costa Rica's largest private art collection on display throughout the property both inside and out. And all the artists are Costa Rican! Be sure to ask for one of the handful of rooms specially prepared with the same quality of art found in the common areas — at no extra cost! Tell them the Hotel Guys sent you.

Note: we did not receive any complimentary goods or services during our two night visit. In fact, the hotel staff did not know we were video reviewing the hotel for hotelguys.com until we met Manuel, the hotel manager, at checkout.

The rack rate for this time of year is US$95; we paid US$82 via booking.com having made our reservation several months earlier for best price. A great value!


Lanka Beach Bungalows — SRI LANKA

Lanka Beach Bungalows on the southern coast of Sri Lanka is among the very best value for money of any oceanfront boutique hotel anywhere. Sri Lanka is such a gem - and a traveler's paradise! See our website at hotelguys.com for the other eight hotels we visited on our three week spring 2018 tour of this island nation of just 21 million beautiful people.

Himalayan Trek — INDIA

We took a three-day trek to Chandrashila peak at 13,200 ft. elevation (4,000 meter) in the Indian Himalayas. Check it out!