#8 — Announcing an "Open-Hearted" Tour 2019-2020

The Hotel Guys are on the road again! Our six month visit to India in 2017 left us yearning for more. More. More! We’ll drink tea in Darjeeling. Take a river cruise in Assam. Visit remote carved temples. Ride rickshaws in teeming cities. We’ll see old friends and undoubtedly make many new ones. After three months touring incredible India, we’ll push on to Thailand to integrate on the beach in the south and then meander the old city of Chiang Mai in the north. By February 2020 we’ll still have more than three months of our “Open-Hearted” excursion remaining. Enjoy listening to our podcast now and then join us throughout our adventures! Keep traveling!

#7 — Mistaken as Assassins? And Other Travel Stories from Central America

We were in Central America for six months before we discovered new friends thought we had violent, nefarious tendencies! We share that hilarious story and other memories, as guests on KOHI radio in Oregon USA, from our recently completed “Good Life” tour to Costa Rica and Panama. Also, we discuss our new adventure, an “Open Heart” tour, that starts in August.

#5 — Money Laundering in Panama

We met a delightful retired woman in Panama we are calling “Linda.” This is Linda’s story of working in the multi-billion dollar offshore sports betting industry for a high-profile, three-time felon. Posing as a wealthy independent investor, she traveled the world with her company lawyer opening multimillion dollar bank accounts with the proceeds of her business. Listen to her fascinating story below.


#4 — Stroke: Medical Emergency in Panama!

Before our first cup of morning tea on February 26, 2019 in our rental house in Playa Coronado, Panama, Rich suffered a mini-stroke later diagnosed as a TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack).

We were 90 minutes from the country’s best medical care in the top-notch private hospitals of Panama City. We wasted no time rushing to San Fernando hospital. Follow the link to listen to our story.


#3 - Christmas Eve Fire in our Costa Rican Casita

We were hoping for low-key, year-end holidays. Instead, we battled a homegrown fire — on Christmas Eve! Nothing a little recovery time by our pool didn’t cure — along with two weeks of nursing Paul’s minor burns. Sadly now, our three-month visit to Costa Rica is ending. But included are nuggets on two reasonably priced Costa Rican properties we rented — one, a killer cabina near playa Bejuco with a pool for less than $50 per night and, the other, a modern two-bedroom with a balcony and a stunning view of wind-swept Lake Arenal (near Tronodora/Tilaran) for less than $40 per night. Medical tourism, our upcoming travel to Panama and more. Have a listen.