#5 — Money Laundering in Panama

We met a delightful retired woman in Panama we are calling “Linda.” This is Linda’s story of working in the multi-billion dollar offshore sports betting industry for a high-profile, three-time felon. Posing as a wealthy independent investor, she traveled the world with her company lawyer opening multimillion dollar bank accounts with the proceeds of her business. Listen to her fascinating story below.


#4 — Stroke: Medical Emergency in Panama!

Before our first cup of morning tea on February 26, 2019 in our rental house in Playa Coronado, Panama, Rich suffered a mini-stroke later diagnosed as a TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack).

We were 90 minutes from the country’s best medical care in the top-notch private hospitals of Panama City. We wasted no time rushing to San Fernando hospital. Follow the link to listen to our story.


#3 - Christmas Eve Fire in our Costa Rican Casita

We were hoping for low-key, year-end holidays. Instead, we battled a homegrown fire — on Christmas Eve! Nothing a little recovery time by our pool didn’t cure — along with two weeks of nursing Paul’s minor burns. Sadly now, our three-month visit to Costa Rica is ending. But included are nuggets on two reasonably priced Costa Rican properties we rented — one, a killer cabina near playa Bejuco with a pool for less than $50 per night and, the other, a modern two-bedroom with a balcony and a stunning view of wind-swept Lake Arenal (near Tronodora/Tilaran) for less than $40 per night. Medical tourism, our upcoming travel to Panama and more. Have a listen.