Playa Coronado

Our rental house is in the private, gated, beachfront enclave of Playa Coronado ($71 per night) located just 90 minutes from Panama City on the Pacific side. It’s the first Airbnb rental we’ve had that came with a bag of cat food and a note gently imploring us to please feed the cats. Deep down we really are dog people but how could we say no?! We gave them all English names (Sabrina, Tyler, Michael, etc.). But our Panamanian buddy, Jorge, gave them Spanish names (Negrito, Corto, Rayo, etc.). They seem to answer to both when the bag of food appears.

It has two king beds, two baths, a cook’s kitchen, a pool, comfortable living areas both inside and out and just a few minutes walk to the beach with all-day breezes. Really nice spot to unwind for a month.