South Asia Redux — Back to India


Begins August 2019

Before we left for six months on our “Good Life” tour to Central America in the fall of 2018, we bought one-way tickets to return to India late summer 2019. We couldn’t help it! Honestly, neither one of us has stopped talking about our first six-month trip to India — the “Real” Tour. We got home from that journey in May 2018…changed. And we have been reading and dreaming — day and night — about India since. We leave our Portland, Oregon USA home base on August 27th.

We got one-way economy class tickets on Singapore Airlines to Bangalore (PDX-SFO-SIN-BLR) for US$592 each. We then immediately purchased the exit row seat assignments, for more legroom, on all flights segments except our quick initial flight to San Francisco. That cost an additional $342 total for both of us. Each one-way economy ticket to Bangalore from Portland, OR USA cost US$763. Off to a good start!

Each one-way economy ticket to Bangalore from Portland, OR USA cost US$763. Off to a good start!

We will stay again near the Bangalore airport at Clarks’ Exotica Convention Resort and Spa (we paid $95/night including tax and breakfast) and recover from our jet lag for three nights. It’s got a great pool and a wonderful large area of adjacent quiet and empty paved streets for morning and sunset walks.

Then, we fly to Darjeeling (airport: Bagdogra IXB) on the northern border of West Bengal near Sikkim. We paid $125 each one way.

We are fine tea lovers and will spend a month in an apartment (property listing — we paid $975/month) in the village of Darjeeling and drink our way through the surrounding tea plantations — and make jaunts into Sikkim and perhaps Nepal from there. We will use it as a low-cost base for our first-time exploration of this region of northeast India. Sure it will be epic.

We plan to continue to Assam and possibly some spots in the states of Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya and perhaps Nagaland in the month following, stopping in Guwahati to secure the necessary Inner Line Permit to explore the greater region.

We expect to be in India for three months. We will also likely visit Kolkata, Varanasi, Jhansi, Orchha, Khajuraho, Jaipur, Udaipur and more.

More soon as this trip evolves and we keep dreaming — day and night — of our return to incredible India.

Travel Map for India 2019 here.

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