Las Lajas

Las Lajas — Spanish for ‘the slabs’ — is a narrow strip of pacific coastal land with ocean in front and mangroves behind. It’s located in western Panama 90 minutes from the town of David. Beyond the vibrant coastal environs, there’s not much there — a smattering of houses, just a couple small to mid-rise condos and our hotel the terrific Show Pony Resort.

Consequently, the Las Lajas beach is expansive and mostly empty. The land is just as beautiful as the water elements. No paved roads to get there but you easily drive on a rocky lane about 10 minutes while sightseeing through stunning verdant countryside. Expect to weep at the splendor of the sunsets. We did.

Dining suggestions: the restaurant at Show Pony is wonderful and Simon the chef is accomplished. We also recommend to take a 15-20 minute drive back toward the highway to the divine Cucina Naturalmente restaurant (not referring to the respectable Naturalmente Pizza nearby). A Swiss and Italian couple operate a gem with a limited but elevated menu. Just go!